An Extract from “The Regular Effect” by Shiv Radhakishun

Over the past six weeks, the world has turned into a different place. Regular ways have changed in many instances. Either they have completely stopped or have a completely different way of doing things, be it ways of working, family gatherings, social activities, exercising, shopping etc. All the routines and regular methods of doing things that humans programmed themselves over the years will have an effect in future.

I recently had the opportunity to read a book called “The Regular Effect” by Shiv Radhakishun. The book talks about how people can get framed to act the same way, having perceptions that are deemed as normal in society and how those perceptions and habits get drilled into the minds from a young age. These regular habits and perceptions dominate people’s lives and sometimes limit their abilities to thrive. As Shiv explains in the book, it lies within ourselves to achieve our goals. It could be as little as taking one small step a day that would help change larger things in our lives. Breaking away from regular effects lies within your hands. Only you will know how to make your work effective and achieve your goals. I thought of writing a review of the book and ended up writing an extract. I extracted three things out of the book to highlight here that I thought would help with where we are at present.

The future is always uncertain and hard to predict. There’s a little that can be predicted about the future. Majority at present in society would be feeling uncertain about the future right now. How will it expand after the current situation prevails? What will happen to jobs? How will the economy fare? What will be the future of education? Those are some common questions that we see and hear in the media around us. Well why put all effort towards uncertainty? Why spare energy and become mentally stressed? Is it not better to focus on self awareness and stay in the present? Perhaps it is now a good time to develop, start a new activity, create new routines and adjust our habits. Drop the fear of the unknown and take steps towards success.

This is perhaps the best of times to get into a routine workout or an exercise plan. A large portion of us have the excuse of finding time. If there is no commute time to and from work, that time can be used. It doesn’t have to be a long one to start with. A simple routine of 15 mins may be a good start. Searching YouTube will land on plenty of videos of routines to follow if unsure where to start. There are plenty of routines that can be done inside the house with zero equipment as well. If you’re not exercising, find something else to occupy your time; a hobby like learning to play a musical instrument, drawing or even writing. Start small and it can grow slowly once the routine is in. The point to highlight is, Get rid of the regular “Excuses” habit. It will be the first step in reaching goals and change. This could be the one thing that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Networking is something that we see overly highlighted in our LinkedIn feeds and other professional spheres. Networking is good, and this is a time that people need to be connected and help each other. Reach out to people and establish connections — not just your professional networks and connections. Leave the word “networking” aside. Think of it as staying in touch with people. Establishing human connectivity. Reach out to family, old friends, old colleagues that may have lost touch over time. Reaching out to someone may make them happy and may feel appreciated. It might help them get out of a difficult circumstance they are currently in. It can even help them find a new job. The list goes on and on. Find some time in the day and reach out to someone at least via a message. At professional level, lots of career opportunities are filled via networking. This is a fact and is true. Use this time as an opportunity to build strong relationships and for unity.

Finally, we all want to stay happy and healthy. Your happiness and health lies in your hands. Turn negatives into positives. Some may lose their job right now, and some may not know what will happen to their jobs. Turn those negative experiences into positives by looking forward to finding the next job or learning new skills that might enhance the chances of landing that dream job. Try to get out of the regular effects and create a better environment for everyone. Start small and it will only be a matter of time until it reaches big.